Services - Sustainable Homes

SAPs and EPCs, DECs and BREEAM

Early professional advice on energy efficiency will increase certainty and save money.

Did you know that some forms of renewable energy generation will require planning permission? Are you concerned that meeting the Code for Sustainable Homes might be costly and unpredictable?

Here at Barefoot & Gilles we believe in taking a realistic approach to energy efficiency, and we know that deciding early on how to meet energy requirements early can save our clients money. This is why we offer Code for Sustainable Homes assessment, for example, as part of our service.


We have considerable experience working with the practical application of renewable technologies and can advise on the cost implications to help you make an informed choice.

Look at your options before beginning the planning process, and include provision for the technology in your planning application. Specialist advice can inform the design of your house types to meet the new standards in a cost effective, practical way. Consider the issues early and predict budget, cost and programme with more certainty.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you meet energy standards with confidence call us on 01473 257474 or email